Collection Of Jeff Bandman

ADvisory Services 


Our advisory services focus on core segments:

  • FinTech and RegTech Innovation - including blockchain and distributed ledger technology

  • Navigate the Regulatory Landscape

  • Product Strategy and Market Structure

  • Partnerships

  • Data, Risk Management and Clearing


Fintech & Regtech Innovation 

  • For FinTech innovators - though our work with regulatory sandboxes and innovators around the world, we can help you assess -- and enhance -- your FinTech innovation initiatives. Whether you're a regulator, a bank or an investor, we can help you do better.

  • For RegTech innovators - we help you identify key RegTech challenges and frame marketable strategies.  We can help you package and show your product to regulators, and assess whether they truly solve regulatory and compliance challenges.

Navigate the Regulatory Landscape

The U.S. regulatory landscape is complex and overlapping. We help clients:

  • Identify paths of greater regulatory certainty, aligned with business objectives;

  • Make sense of how best to engage with regulators; and

  • Frame issues to address known regulator concerns.

We also help U.S. clients looking to expand footprint overseas to understand the international regulatory framework,set priorities and formulate strategy.

Product Strategy & Market Structure

  • We draw on strong expertise in market structure and a track record of success in product development and management.

  • We help clients in framing product vision and messaging - in a realistic context of regulatory opportunity and practical market structure. 

  • Strengthen clarity and benefits of use cases - what problem are you solving and who will benefit from your solution?

  • Refine priorities in targeting likely adopters while identifying and overcoming obstacles.


  • Start-ups and incumbents are increasingly seeking to partner with one another. For both, there can be enormous benefits - and risks.  

  • For start-ups, this may be the most fundamental existential decision they will face.

  • We can help clients assess - do you have the right partner? How do you pick the best partner? Is partnership the right strategy?  

  • We draw on years of experience to help you structure and negotiate. 

Risk, Data & Clearing

  • To assist our clients we draw on deep business and regulatory expertise in data, clearing and risk.