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Jeff Bandman is an expert on a wide range of FinTech & RegTech topics.

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Chairperson - Opening Keynote

Moderator, Tokenizing assets: how will blockchain change the meaning of liquidity?

September 25th 2019, New York, NY

Moderator, Hacking the blockchain - Old threats to a new paradigm

September 24th 2019, London, UK

SEC, CFTC, & Congress outlook on digital assets

June 5th 2019, New York, NY

Moderator, The Legal Landscape: Regulation and Governance

May 12th 2019, New York, NY

Keynote:The Social Implications of Blockchain

April 13th 2019, New Haven, CT

Fireside Chat: Will security token be able to transform capital markets?

April 12th 2019, New York, NY

Blockchain Center Regulatory Event

March 28th 2019, New York, NY

Webinar – Are you Ready for Digital Regulation?

March 12th 2019, The WOrld wide web

February 23rd 2019, CAmbridge, MA

Data Analytics: Use Them or Be Abused By Them

January 31st 2019, New York, NY

Moderator, Year of The Butterfly

January 24th 2019, New York, NY

Moderator, The Role of Exchanges

November 26th 2018, New York, NYC

Keynote, Who Regulates Bitcoin: Overview of high level themes and recent trends in regulation of cryptocurrencies

November 15th 2018, Athens, Greece

Moderator:Capital Markets Regulatory Reporting

November 7th 2018, Washington, DC

Crypto-Law (Re)Thinking the Nomenclature and Taxonomy

November 5th 2018, Washington, DC

November 1st 2018, New York, NY

October 25th 2018, Durham, NC

Digital Assets: The Policy Landscape

October 18th 2018, Chicago, IL

Compliance in Technology

October 15th 2018, New York, NY

The New Frontier of Digital Regulation

September 21st 2018, United Nations - New York, NY

Presentation: FinTech and Crypto Regulation

September 20th 2018, Atlanta, GA

Cryptocurrencies: Money of the Future?

September 17th 2018, New York, NY

Governance, Regulation & Enforcement Update

September 13th 2018, Boston, MA

Building a Global Policy Environment for Digital Financial Assets

September 4th 2018, Paris, France

As Wall Street Meets Silicon Valley, Who Will Dominate the New Crypto Currency Frontier?

June 27th 2018, New York, NY

Crypto a Go Go

June 6th 2018, London, UK - Video Highlights  

Utility or Security Token? What is the Regulatory Outlook?

May 17th 2018, New York, NY

2018 Blockchain Regulation Roundtable:Facilitator and Presenter

May 10th 2018, Toronto, CAnada - Executive Summary

Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain: The Product

May 2nd 2018, Washington, Dc

BitCoin, Crypto-Currencies and the Future of Cross-Border Financial Transactions

April 20th 2018, New York, NY

Regulatory Sandboxes: Measuring Success

April 15th 2018, Dubai, UAE

Strategy Roundtable: How Sandboxes Are Supporting The Development Of A RegTech Ecosystem

March 8th 2018, London, UK

Lessons learnt from RegTech regulators

March 7th 2018, London, UK

Featured Presentation, Fintech and the Regulatory “Tipping Point”

March 6th 2018, New York, NY

February 7th 2018, New York, NY

Crypto Trading & Token Sales (aka ICOs): A Regulatory Perspective W/Jeff Bandman

January 30th 2018, New York, NY

Cryptocurrencies: Money of the Future?

January 16th 2018, New York, NY

Beyond Compliance: Regtech as a Competitive Advantage

December 13th 2017, New York, NY

Existential risks in the fixed income market: With industry disruptions we see today, can we preserve viability of the FI business tomorrow?

December 7th 2017, New York, NY

RegTech: The New Frontier

December 5th, 2017 New York, NY

Keynote: How Can Regulators Promote Responsible Fintech Innovation? 

Panelist, Fintech Panel: Impact of Emerging Technologies in Collateral Management 

November 9th-10th 2017, New York, NY

Panelist, "The Global Regulatory Sandbox: How is Regulation Shaping FinTech Globally?"

November 3rd 2017, NYU Stern School of Business, New york, NY


RegTech Stream: Applying Machine Learning to Compliance Data to Achieve Competitive Advantage

November 2nd 2017, New York, NY

Presenter, Expert Insight On Applications of Distributed Ledger Technology To RegTech

Panelist, Which New Technologies Will Really Change The Face of Regulatory Technology

October 31-November 2nd 2017, America Square Conference Centre, LondoN, UK

Leading workshop on Ethereum regulation and policy issues

October 27th 2017, San Francisco, CA

Blockchain: The Future in Financial Services and Beyond

October 19th 2017, New York, NY

“Geopolitics and standards, what does the future hold?”

October 16th 2017, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Fintech Transformation Conference

Panelist, Risk

October 13th 2017, Yale School of Management, New Haven, CT

Meeting of the Securities and Exchange Commission Investor Advisory Committee

Speaker, Discussion Regarding Blockchain and Other Distributed Ledger Technology and Implications for Securities Markets

October 12th 2017, Washington, DC 


October 10th 2017, New York, NY

Panelist, Spotlighting ‘RegTech’ – how can cutting-edge technology transform GRC (governance, risk and compliance) from a back-office burden into an enterprise opportunity?

October 3rd 2017, New York, NY 

Global Future of Regulation and RegTech

October 3rd 2017, Brooklyn, NY

Presentation of paper, P2P Financial Systems International Workshop

July 20th 2017, University College London Centre for Blockchain Studies

Panelist, Regulators Forum on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), FINRA Blockchain Symposium

July 13th 2017, New York, NY

Panelist,Regulatory Responsibility: The Way Forward for Compliance, CB Insights The Future of Finance Conference 

June 27th 2017, New york, NY

Keynote Address: Regulating the future of finance, OpRisk North America Conference

June 20th 2017, New York, NY

Panelist:Blockchain: The chicken or the egg? SWIFT Business Forum

 June 14th 2017, New York, NY

Keynote, “Core Principles for the Changing Role of Regulators in Digital Financial Markets”

June 5th 2017, New York, NY

Presenter, Regulation Innovation Roundtable: Can Technology Transform Regulatory Design?

June 1st 2017, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge, MA

Panelist, The Think-Tank: FinTech Fixes

May 25th 2017, New York, NY

Featured Keynote Panel with SEC, "Is The United States Fostering Blockchain Innovation or Sending it Overseas?"

May 23rd 2017, New York, NY

Panelist, "How to regulate the future of finance?" 

May 16th 2017, Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Panelist, Digital Ledger Technology 

May 5th 2017, Washington, DC

RegTech Roundtable, FinTech Week NYC hosted by Hogan Lovells

April 27th 2017, New York, NY

Presentation to UK Trade Delegation of RegTech Firms

April 27th 2017, New York, NY

Roundtable Participant, Financial Markets Vulnerabilities Working Group 

April 26th 2017, New york, NY 

Participant, Fostering Responsible Innovation, Milken Institute Private Roundtable 

April 11th 2017, London, UK

Global Approaches to RegTech, Innovate Finance and Omidyar Network Roundtable

April 10th 2017, London, UK 

Panelist, "FinTech and its Implications on the Industry and Regulators" 

March 14th 2017, Boca Raton, FL 

Presented findings of work stream on reporting and data management at CPMI-IOSCO Joint Working Group on Digital Innovation

February 28th - March 1st 2017, Hong Kong

Panelist, Challenges of Bilateral Transactions, ABA Derivatives Law Section

January 20th 2017, Naples, FL

Presentation of CFTC staff Supervisory Stress Test report to closed-door Financial Stability Oversight Council Principals Meeting

November 16th 2016, United states Treasury, Washington, DC 

Presentation, FIS FinTech 2020

October 26th 2016, Museum of American Finance, New York, NY


Panelist, Swaps, Security-Based Swaps and Mixed Swaps - CFTC, SEC and Dodd-Frank Implementation Progress

October 25th 2016, New York, NY 

Panelist, CCP Risk:Where are we now? Futures Industry Association, FIA Expo 

October 19th 2016, Chicago, IL

Participant, Chicago Federal Reserve Board Third Annual Conference on CCP Risk Management 

October 18th 2016, Chicago, IL 

Staffed Chairman, Principals Level Exercise, EU, US & UK

October 10th 2016

Staff Roundtable: CFTC Division of Clearing and Risk public roundtable on issues regarding DCO resilience

October 6th 2016, Washington, DC

Participant, CPMI-IOSCO Steering Group meeting

October 3rd 2016, Washington, DC

Presentation on "Data Gaps for Systemic Risk Analysis", hosted by Office of Financial Research

September 21st 2016, Washington, DC

Panelist, "How is Domestic and Global Regulation Playing Out?"

September 15th 2016, Washington, DC 

Panelist, Resilience of Capital Markets, Eurofi Financial Forum

 September 8th 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia

Panelist, Regulatory Update:Milestones in the Implementation Process

July 12th 2016, New York, NY

Presentation to CFTC Market Risk Advisory Committee

June 27th 2016, Washington, DC 

Keynote, Global Risk Management Forum

June 23rd 2016, New York, NY 

Presentation to World Bank "RAMP" Program, on Regulation of DCOs and FCMs

MAy 18th 2016, Washington, DC 

Panelist, "Directors' Crossfire", 38th Annual FIA Law & Compliance Conference

Panelist, Supplementary Leverage Ratio Issues

May 4-5th 2016, Baltimore, MD 

Panelist, CCP Resilience, Recovery and Resolution

April 22nd 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Keynote, FTF DerivOps North America Conference

April 11th 2016, Chicago, IL 

Panelist, Preventing and Preparing for End of CCP Tail Risk

March 17th 2016, Boca Raton, FL 

Panelist, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology

Panelist, Interactive FCM Distress Workshop

March 15th 2016, Boca Raton, FL  

ABA Business Law Section Derivatives & Futures Law Committee Winter Meeting

Panelist, EMIR & MiFID Developments and Their Impact on U.S. Markets 

Panelist, Basel: Why it Matters to Everyone 

January 21-23rd 2016, Naples, FL 

Panelist, Clearing FIA Asia

December 9th 2015, Singapore

Panelist, Market Structure: How will changes in the clearing model impact customers and markets?

November 4th 2015, Chicago, IL

Panelist, Risk USA

October 21st 2015, New York, NY 

Keynote Derivatives World Congress

October 7th 2015, Chicago, IL 

Panelist, Institutional Investor Global Fixed Income Institute 3rd Annual OTC Derivatives Summit 

September 29th 2015


Panelist, Eurofi Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges

September 11th 2015 Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Divison Directors Panel, FIA Legal & Compliance 

June 22nd 2015, Washington, DC

Panelist,SIFMA - FIA Buy Side Conference

February 5th 2015, Laguna Beach, CA